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It all started in England

Fred Keys was born on the 4th July 1928

He left school at the age of 14 and worked on Blake's Farm, mainly to produce potatoes to feed a nation at war.
Then tried to join the Palestine police but found he was too short, joined the English army instead at the age of 18 yrs
He served in Malaysia during the communist insurgency and left army at the end of the war, to start working as a Roof Tiler in the building trade, where he manually loaded tiles on his head and removed slates that were damaged from shrapnel
In 1954 he married a young girl named Jean and immigrated to W.A. in 1958.
They had 5 sons and travelled Australia, deciding that victoria was the place to raise the family They built a home in Silvan in the hills near Melbourne, Jean caring for the garden which she loved and Fred heading out to Melbourne suburbs rooftiling
He worked in the suburbs of Melbourne for many years
Eventually his sons Peter and David decided to join their father in the roofing trade working for Monier
They had a wonderful reputation in the building trade for being polite and hard working, which Fred would insist on.
Fred finally retired at age 70.
Peter had 3 boys Sam, Matt & Tim who followed their father into roofing.
David also had a son Ben who became a roofer
So now the keys roofing family had grown to 6 with Fred popping in from time to time to see his boys hard at work.
David became involved with the Christian movement and is now the pastor at Monbulk Christian Fellowship
Peter, Ben, Matt, Sam and Tim are still keeping up the family tradition.

So that is our Roofing family history

Sadly we lost Fred to cancer on the 22nd of May 2011 aged 82